utec launches creative billboard

Creative Billboard: Converts Air Humidity to Drinkable Water

UTEC, one of the water charities, teamed up with Mayo DraftFCB to make a creative billboard in Lima, the capital of Peru, to solve the water issues in the city. For those of you who are not aware, Lima suffers from the lack of drinking water because of pollution and lack of rain.

Taking up this challenge, the team identified atmospheric humidity in the area to be 98%. They used this information to develop a creative billboard that captures air humidity and converts it into purified drinking water through ‘reverse osmosis.’ Following is the sequential process of how this creative billboard converts air humidity to purified drinking water.

creative billboard purified drinking water

The creative outdoor collects the water after it goes through a series of filters in a large water tank. Its definitely one of the first finest creative billboard that serves 2 purposes: Awaressness + Solves the problem.

Good things happen when people think out of the box!

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