cocacola wearable movie

Coca-Cola Produces World’s First Wearable Movie

When it comes to talking about some great guerrilla campaigns, Coca-Cola is one of the first brands that pops-up in my mind. And, why not, Coca-Cola has worked on some amazing viral campaigns to win a share of happy customers for itself, just like this wearable movie campaign.

Coca-Cola decided to thank a bunch of people that helped the company in it’s motto of spreading happiness. These people included staff members, social media fans and creative partners. Each of these selected people were sent a free Coca-Cola t-shirt with a funky illustration on it, and they were asked to put up a smile and send a picture of them wearing the t-shirt. All these pictures were then assembled together to make the world’s first ever, wearable movie!

Sounds crazy right? Have a look for yourself!

cocacola wearable movie


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