Coca Cola Encourages Eating Together Through #LetsEatTogether Campaign

Coca Cola never fails to disappoint us when it comes to creating some great marketing campaigns. This time again, Coca Cola came up with a brilliant campaign to help encourage the practice of eating together, something that has been slowly disappearing from our cultures altogether.

Coca Cola Romania realized this issue, and made a plan to make sure more and more people eat together instead of just taking their meals and sitting in front of the idiot box, having no kind of proper healthy interactions.

They created a massive Twitter and television integration as every TV commercial for the project displayed a tweet that was sent in by hundreds of online users using the #LetsEatTogether hashtag. The results were overwhelming. In a week, thousands of people invited each other over to their places to enjoy a meal with Coca Cola. Resultantly, the campaign became an instant hit.

Check out the campaign through the Youtube video and let us know what do you feel about the campaign.


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