7up Melting Machine Spreads Summer Joy

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Soft drinks and vending machines have been making quite a buzz on social media, and this opportunity has given agencies and brand teams an avenue for amplification. If you have a cool campaign idea, execute it well and watch it go viral. Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds, but that’s a different topic to discuss at length.

Inspired from the vending machine fever last January, 7up launched the ‘Melting Machine’ in Argentina to spread the joy and celebrate the summer season. The ‘Melting Machine’ is a frozen block of ice placed on the street, that gives away free cans of 7up to passer bys as the ice keeps melting down.

To add engagement, people were invited to tweet the time by when the Melting Machine would be completely gone; the winners were given away six packs of 7up.

The best part is, the ‘Melting Machine’ doesn’t really require any maintenance and installation. Place it. Have fun. And it will disappear when the fun is over.

Overall a very cool concept and is worth a share. Credit goes to BBDO Argentina for the concept.

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