170+ Anti-Drug Slogans to Restart a Drug Free Life

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Not only does doing drugs lead to higher crime rates and put them behind bars, they also terribly harmful to peoples health. It ruins lives and kills people. Anti-Drug slogans is one of the best way to keep people away from drugs through encouraging prevention.

Drugs are super addictive. If someone is led to try it once, they have a higher likelihood of going down the rabbit hole. Ideally, people should avoid bad company. You’re only as good as the company you keep.

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They are very difficult to quit, once someone gets addicted to them. So this makes them even more dangerous.

Anti-Drug Slogans Can Help Instill Self Control and Motivation

Anti-Drug slogans can help instill a sense of self-control and motivation among people who have tried drugs before. They can strengthen the will power of people who are vulnerable to try them – but have never done it before.

Unfortunately, the drug addicts are not alone in their suffering. Their family (and friends) suffer through their pain too. No one wants to see the life of someone they love, go down a path to destruction.

Drugs also create an unsafe environment for people living in surroundings.

Motivational Sessions, Avoiding Bad Company and Anti-Drug Slogans Can Help To Restart a Drug Free Life

It’s highly crucial to bring awareness to the dangers of drugs. This could be done through motivational sessions. Talking to friends and family. Completely avoiding bad company. By posting some anti-drug slogans in your room.

There are several anti-drug advertising campaigns that the government and non-profit organizations support. They help people to stop using drugs, or run anti-drug prevention campaigns. These campaigns usually use powerful imagery, anti drug slogans, and real stories to motivate people to NOT use drugs.


One needs constant reminders. If you have a goal in life, keep reminding yourself of that. Your goal is bigger than any other distraction. And getting addicted to drugs would certainly be the last thing on a progressive person’s list.

170+ Anti Drug Slogans to Protect Yourself (Or Your Loved One) From the Dangers of Drug Addiction

To discourage the use and abuse of drugs, we’ve compiled a list of anti-drug slogans. Motivate yourself, or a loved one. We encourage you to stay from all illegal drugs. Enjoying a healthy life, free of drugs is precious.

Cherish what you have, and pull yourself (or your loved one) together. Make a promise to yourself with these drug free slogans to stay away from drugs.

No. Anti-Drug Slogans / Drug Free Slogans
1A life on Ecstasy will turn to Misery.
2A life with coke really blows.
3A pill can thrill but can also kill.
4A prescription pill has the power to kill.
5Above the Influence
6Always say no to drugs
7Angel dust is a disgust.
8Be a scholar instead of a pot head.
9Be all you can be, Go drug free.
10Be Healthy, don’t do drugs
11Be proud to be drug free.
12Be Smart, Don’t Start
13Be the best you can be. Be drug free
14Blunts are bad.
15Buy stocks not drugs
16Car pipes over crack pipes.
17Choose life over drugs.
18Choose Not To Use!
19Choose to be jolly, stay away from Molly.
20Choose To Live Free From Addictions.
21Choose to refuse
22Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy, Meth. All roads lead you to death.
23Cocaine is just insane.
24Cocaine will drive you insane.
25Crack is super whack.
26Crack Is Whack.
27Crystal Meth will lead to an early death.
28Do a good deed and kill the weed
29Do dope, Lose Hope
30Do not blow the snow.
31Doing heroin is a grave mistake.
32Don’t approach the roach.
33Don’t be a flunky or a junkie, say no to drugs.
34Don’t do Pot, Your brain will rot
35Don’t fall into the crack, Stay away from Cocaine.
36Don’t get blasted unless your playing laser tag.
37Don’t Get High, Reach For The Sky!
38Don’t hit the block for a crack rock.
39Don’t Huff. Don’t Puff. Keep Away From That Stuff!
40Don’t let “John Blaze” become a phase.
41Don’t Let Drugs Own You.
42Don’t Let Drugs Take Control.
43Don’t make excuses to use drugs.
44Don’t pass the glass.
45Don’t smoke Mary Jane, go date her.
46Don’t snort your life away.
47Don’t waste your life being wasted!
48Don’t be insane, drugs ruin the brain.
49Don’t let drugs keep you away from your dreams
50Drug Addiction Is Not Fiction.
51Drug free is for me.
52Drug free is the way to be
53Drugs affect more than just you
54Drugs are retarded, so don’t get started.
55Drugs are so yesterday.
56Drugs are whack so watch your back
57Drugs Are Whack.
58Drugs aren’t cool. They make you act like a fool.
59Drugs cost you more than just money
60Drugs don’t only waste your money but also waste your life
61Drugs Drag You Down.
62Drugs gave me wings to fly, but it took away my blue sky.
63Drugs Ruin Lives.
64Drugs will cost you more than money.
65Drugs: A Grave Mistake.
66Drugs: Choose not to use
67Drugs: You use, you lose
68Drugs? It’s Not Worth It.
69Enjoy a song and not a BONG.
70Family, friends, and drugs don’t mix.
71Flee from the Big C.
72Follow Your Dreams. Don’t Do Drugs.
73For your health in the long haul, stay away from Alcohol.
74Freebase is better in baseball.
75From Bath Salts stay away, or crazy behavior you will display.
76Get High On Life, Not On Drugs.
77Getting wasted is a waste of time.
78Go on a trip with Carnival Cruise, not drugs.
79Hang tough, don’t puff
80Herb is good for food, BAD for the brain.
81Heroin: Easy to start, impossible to break free, because from it’s chains its too hard to flee.
82Hugs not drugs
83I don’t smoke because I ain’t no chimney.
84I got 99 problems, but drugs ain’t one.
85I have to say nope to dope.
86I rather eat bugs than do drugs
87I simply choose not to use.
88I will not be influenced.
89I’d rather be high on life than marijuana.
90I’m above the influence
91I’m glad I’m not “Breaking Bad”.
92I’m too good for drugs
93I’d rather eat breakfast-in-bed than be called a pothead.
94I’d rather get bit by a piranha than smoke marijuana.
95If I must say so, there will be no yoyo.
96If strength and honor is what you seek, drugs only make you weak.
97If You Aren’t Drug Free, You Can’t Hang With Me.
98If you don’t want a stroke or to croak, stay away from Heroin, it’s no joke.
99If you know Jack, you won’t smoke Crack
100If you want your life to be bleak, use drugs that make you weak, and there is no future to seek.
101It is easier to stay off drugs then to get off drugs
102It’s a reason they call it the trap house. Just say no.
103It’s no lie, drugs will make your Mama cry
104iTune Out Drugs.
105Just be smart, don’t start.
106Just listen to “The Chronic” don’t go smoke it.
107Just Say NO!
108Just trash the stash.
109K2 is not for you.
110Keep BASE out of your face.
111Keep off the Grass!
112Life does not rewind. Say no to Drugs.
113Life on Coke is no joke.
114Lions, and Tigers and Bears oh my…Drinking and Smoking and Drugs? Goodbye!
115LSD or PCP? No thanks, it’s not for me.
116Mary Jane ruins the brain
117Math over Meth.
118Meth is a REAL tooth fairy.
119Molly won’t make your life jolly.
120More hugs and less drugs.
121Nickel bags are for savings.
122No drug user grows old; because they die young.
123No need for weed
124No Room For Drugs In This World.
125Nothing nice can come from Spice.
126One is too many and a thousand is never enough
127Only dopes do dope.
128Ounces are better used in cooking, not drugs
129Drugs promise thrill but will leave you ill.
130Pain killers will kill more than just your pain. Eventually it can kill you.
131PCP bad for me
132Pot makes your brain rot, so lets not.
133Pugs Not Drugs.
134Reach for the Stars not Drugs
135Rollin’ a blunt is for chumps.
136Say no before having to go cold turkey.
137Say no to Drugs
138Say nope to dope
139Say Not to Pot
140Say Yes To Life By Saying No To Drugs.
141Shoot for the stars not your arms
142Slam Dunk. Drugs are Junk.
143Smoke fast and die young.
144Smoking meth leads to death.
145Smoking the dope won’t help you cope
146Stand up to drugs or fall to your knees
147Stay alive. Don’t drink and drive.
148The Best Me Is Drug Free.
149The Choice For Me Is Drug Free.
150The dope trap is a trap.
151The green sticky is icky.
152The math lab is cooler than the meth lab.
153The more you use,the less you live.
154The only coke I do is Diet.
155The use of dope brings no hope.
156The ZigZag is bad.
157There is no excuse for drug abuse
158There Is No Hope In Dope.
159There’s nothing nice about a life on ice.
160Think twice before smoking ice.
161To much abuse in drug use.
162Too Cool For Drugs.
163Too smart to start
164Twinkle Twinkle little star, if you are a drug user you won’t go far.
165Up the nose and down he goes.
166Up with Hope. Down with Dope.
167Use your brain, don’t fry it!
168Wasted? So is your life
169Weed is for wimps.
170What’s your anti-drug?
171Wear diamonds, don’t smoke them.
172You don’t need Heroin to be a hero
173You Shouldn’t Meth Around.
174Your life won’t be fine if you snort a line.
175Your lungs will choke if you start to smoke.

Using These Drug Free Slogans Can Encourage Prevention

The youth is severely vulnerable to the destructive impact of drug abuse. Their whole life goes down hill if they start experimenting with drugs – health, family relationships, academics, friends.

They should be informed on the dangers of drugs.

They need to be reminded through different drug free slogans, sayings, and mottos to stay steadfast.

Showing them examples of situations that can lead them to drugs as a reminder, can also enable prevention.

Let’s put these powerful anti-drug slogans to some good use

Let’s all chant No to Drugs! Let’s keep reminding ourselves, friends and family to stay away from illegal drugs. Let’s put these powerful anti-drug slogans to some good use.

Getting addicted to drugs is the worst thing one can get addicted to. And secret drug lords of the world make money. But even if you have walked that path, there is hope for you. You can get your act together, and start fresh.

It’s never too late. Be smart, and take a wise decision.

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