Functional Organizational Structure: The nitty gritty you need to know!

Organization and its structure Organizations formulate your role! The kind of structure of an organization that you are working with determines whether your role as an employee is dynamic or static (like in a functional organizational structure). A general opinion that exists is that people working in a functional organization have static roles. Therefore a very safe assumption is that


Vertical Integration Examples that Show How the Consumer World is Evolving

Vertical integration refers to the business strategy where the company acquires or merges with other companies at different stages of production or distribution channel in the same industry. In other words, it acquires business operations within the same production vertical. This could be forward or backward in nature. It is the merging together of two businesses that may be at

coke slogans

Coke Slogans From Then & Now: The Ultimate List

How about we take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the most iconic coke slogans? It’s safe to say that Coca-Cola is one of the most renowned brands around the world and for good reason. After all, the brand has worked incredibly hard to establish a credible reputation for itself. And since we are a marketing website, we can’t


Value Proposition Examples to Illustrate How Brands Use it

Value proposition refers to the key features and aspects of a product or service that give the company or brand a competitive edge over others. It, therefore, serves as an attraction for customers and gives them a reason to choose a particular company’s product offering. We’ll use a few value proposition examples to explain the concept in greater detail.  

forms of Passive Income

Best Forms of Passive Income

Did you know that there are numerous forms of passive income and possibly even more ways to earn them? Coming up with ways to generate passive income has become the latest trend among entrepreneurs and side hustlers who want to earn a better living for themselves. So if you’ve been wanting to turn your life around, now’s your chance. In

Best Ways to Generate Passive Income

Best Ways to Generate Passive Income

The best ways to generate passive income don’t have to be tedious and complex! After all, there’s a reason why it’s called “passive” income. Setting up multiple streams of income could be the best financial decision you’ve made in a long while, especially if your day job isn’t paying enough. But before we get down to the details, it’s important


Long Tail Pro vs SEMRush: Choosing a Keyword Research Tool

Today we’re sharing with you a detailed comparison of the two most popular and powerful keyword research tools available to us today: Long Tail Pro vs SEM Rush. We all want our content to rank at the top of Search Engines (primarily Google… eh?). However, do you really know what will make you tick and rank above your potential competition?

passive income streams

List of Passive Income Streams

If your 9-to-5 job isn’t financially full filling enough, it’s time you set up passive income streams. This is possibly the best decision you can make for yourself just as long as you’re willing to put in the extra hours. To get you started, we’ve come up with passive income stream ideas that aren’t too difficult to execute. List of